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Tana Waters – Personal Info

Name : Tana Waters

Date of Birth : February 18th

Star Sign : Aquarius

Hometown : Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania (US)

Measurements : 34B

Height : 5’6 (1.68m)

Hair Colour : Blonde

Eye Colour : Green

Tattoos : A small elephant on the right side of her lower abdomen. ‘Stay Wild’ script across the left side of her lower abdomen. A dreamcatcher on the inside of her left forearm. An infinity symbol on the inside of her right wrist. ‘Forever Painting Sunsets’ script on the inside of her upper left arm. A diamond on her right buttock. ‘Never Been Normal’ script on the back of her left thigh. A palm tree on the back of her right ankle. ‘99’ on her right ring finger. A crown on her right middle finger

Years Active : 2020 – present

Number of Scenes : 10+

Tana Waters is a petite blonde pornstar, dancer and model who made her industry debut in early 2020. In no time at all, Tana Waters has attracted a keen fan following due to her bubbly personality, all natural figure and sizzling sex scenes for Family Strokes, Sis Loves Me and Teen Fidelity. Watch this space!

So where did it all begin? Originally from Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, Tana Waters first started working in the adult entertainment industry as an exotic dancer with her friend and fellow performer Alessia Luna. In fact, all natural stunner Tana Waters performed in 14 clubs across the globe and she mentioned in that;

I grew up in the Belle Vernon area, so Pennsylvania. My family was really close until about 16 when my mom passed away and a lot of bad shit happened. When I was 18, I became a stripper with my best friend. Alessia Luna. She’s in porn now too. That’s how I got here. I worked at about 14 clubs around the world. I was very popular in high school, I had a lot of friends. Funny things is, I was voted the most likely never to leave Mt. Vernon and now here I am!”.

Petite blonde bombshell Tana Waters danced in clubs for 3 years prior to performing in porn. As a matter of fact, Tana Waters had always been interested in porn but she was too nervous to make her industry debut. Ultimately, Tana Waters decided to pursue a career in porn after she was contacted by the adult talent agency Motley Models. Although Tana Waters declined the offer from Motley Models, she did travel to Florida to meet with AMA Modeling in December 2019. As sexy rising starlet Tana Waters explained in her June 2020 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“I was always into porn but I was always too nervous. At 19, Motley Models contacted me and wanted to sign me. I was still scared and I was making stripper money but blowing it all like an idiot. I declined the offer. But then in December of 2019, I went down and worked for Team Brian. I didn’t even do a shoot, I was just there for a few days. Still didn’t think I wanted to do porn so I left. I started stripping again and got so tired of interacting with all these fucking men. It’s a lot harder. Stripping isn’t just about taking off your clothes. You have to know how to talk to a man and have to hustle. I’m good at it but I was just over it. So I decided to join porn”.

Tana Waters : Adult Film Career

Beautiful blonde pornstar Tana Waters made her official porn debut in early 2020. Tana Waters’ first ever porn scene was a hot hardcore shoot with Jon Rogue that was released via Exploited College Girls in April 2020. Talking about shooting her porn debut during her June 2020 Adult DVD Talk interview, sexy tiny spinner Tana Waters recounted how;

“My first scene was in Arizona for Exploited College Girls. I was very nervous and I told the director that I needed some lube. Because I’m not the type to just get into the fucking. When it comes to girls, yes. But when it comes to dudes, it’s harder for me. I told him straight up and he said I did an amazing job and that was one of my favorite shoots. It was definitely amazing”.

Wondering about the origins of her sexy stage name ‘Tana Waters’? Well, petite all natural pornstar Tana Waters revealed in that;

“I love Tana Mongeau, that’s why my name is Tana Waters. Because Tana Mongeau, basically taught me how to build a brand. She grew up in Vegas, but now she lives in LA. And she’s on her third or second MTV series right now. And I’m sorry Tana Mongeau, if I fucked up with that because I’m one of your biggest fans in the world. Same with Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton taught me everything I know about business.

Tana Mongeau basically taught me everything I know about how broadcast myself correctly on YouTube. Even though I’m still learning and I’m so not the best with my YouTube channel. I’m getting there! And the reason my last name is Waters is because I can squirt. But I’ve never been actually able to squirt in a shoot. Because when I’m in a shoot, I’m just constantly thinking, ‘There’s so many people watching me, I can’t.’ I almost did it once during a shoot, but I couldn’t. But I can squirt, and when I squirt it gets everywhere”.

Tana Waters’ second porn scene was a raunchy roleplay with Alex Jett for Team Skeet’s Sis Loves Me web channel in May 2020. Rapidly rising starlet Tana Waters loved collaborating with Alex Jett for and she eagerly enthused in her My Favorite Pornstar interview how;

“My second was with Alex Jett. We shot for SisLovesMe. That was my favorite fucking shoot ever! I had to be, and this is the type of porn I watched growing up, like stepsister/stepbrother. I had to be the stepsister rummaging through the room…Alex Jett was the male talent, producer, and director of it all, and it was just the coolest shoot ever. I loved every single part of it. It was hands down one of my favorite shoots”.

Tana Waters : Popular Porn Productions

Hot blonde pornstar Tana Waters has continued to appear in several popular porn productions. For example, Tana Waters shot a sultry solo scene for LA New Girl in March 2020 and she filmed a sizzling sex scene with Ryan Madison for Teen Fidelity in May 2020. When natural beauty Tana Waters was asked about her favorite sexual positions during her My Favorite Pornstar interview, she saucily stated that;

“On camera: Missionary, if it’s with a guy, because I like girls. Off camera: If it’s with a girl, every fucking position possible! And I’m a lipstick lesbian. I love girls who look like girls, I love women. I love women, I cannot wait for my first Girl-Girl shoot, because that’s gonna be the best one ever!”.

Furthermore, sexy rising pornstar Tana Waters had a non-sex role in the MYLF porn scene which also stars Penny Barber, Spencer Bradley, Jay Romero and Ricky Spanish. In fact, this raunchy group sex scene was directed by Alex Jett and it released via MYLF in March 2020 as part of their MYLF Wood web channel. Most notably, Tana Waters shared an amazing three-way with Destiny Cruz and Milan which was uploaded via Team Skeet’s Family Strokes web channel in October 2020. As the scene description hotly hints;

“Tana Waters wakes up next to her husband Milan who reminds her that today is her step sister Destiny Cruz’s birthday. Tana greets her sister and tells her she can enjoy her gift right then and there. After the girls are done, Tana brings Destiny to the bedroom where Milan has a bonus gift for her”.

When she isn’t shooting these fantastic sex scenes, petite blonde bombshell Tana Waters enjoys chatting with her fans on social media. Moreover, Tana Waters shoots many exciting videos for her official OnlyFans account. Furthermore, Tana Waters has her own YouTube channel where you can get an exclusive glimpse into the life of your favorite all natural teen pornstar. In her spare time, Tana Waters enjoys relaxing at home, coloring and listening to music. As Tana Waters mentioned in her June 2020 Adult DVD Talk interview;

“Well I’ve had a lot of free time since the virus hit so drink, eat, sleep. I like to color…[Favorite music] I love EDM, I dance to it every time I’m on stage. Rap, hip hop…I like everything. Country especially when I’m drunk, I don’t know why…[Favorite movies] I like The Notebook, that gets me…[Favorite TV shows] I love The Office right now. So fucking funny. Prison Break, Friends and Two And A Half Men, when Charlie Sheen was in it…[Favorite food] Crab legs and steak…I have a YouTube Channel. Just search Tana Waters. I tell stories and let people know what’s going on. I help people through tough times”.

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